Ana Fernandes

Concept artist, illustrator

My mainly goal is to tell a story by my art with ilimited options!

The Deep Forest

The Forest was consumed a long time ago by dark magic and it’s time to save it from the wrong hands of evil.

With the power of the light you gonna help a mysterious spirit named Yokai, who was the keeper of the Forest.

With the consuming of the forest and storms that come following, we need to find thismysterious spirit who is lost within the Forest and himself!

Let’s see if we can awake him to senses and help bringing the peace back.

The Deep Forest is a small game (demo) developed by me 3 years ago as the final project for the “Unity 3D couse” from Master D. It was my first experience with Unity on a more hands-on approach with videogame development and concept workflow.

I built the entire environment, the UI and storyboard. On the the more programmatic involved part I had help from on of my best friends, who created and organized the scripts while I was learning to script myself, as a first timer.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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Game Hints

You need to light up all the candles before reaching the voice that is calling you througout the game.
Follow the path and pay attention to the type of ground.
Some candles might be a bit hidden around the map, look around and try not to get lost.



F Interact with objects
Mouse cursor Look around
Hold Mouse Buttons Rotate character